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Treadmill Test (TMT), Holter Machine, 2D Echo.

At Eldoret hospital we have a fully fledged cardiology department. We also have a present senior cardiologist and physician who have more than 20 years experience in this field and are on call on a 24hr basis.
Some of the equipment available for patients in this department include
Treadmill Test (TMT) Machine: It is fourth generation, fully computerized machine which gives full report of any low blood supply in the heart.
Holter Machine: Holter records on 24hr cardiogram. It is a small machine that is attached to the patient for a period of 24hrs then analyzed on the computer for any arrhythmic, low blood supply, heart blocks etc. It gives very accurate results.
2D Echo: We have the latest 2D Echo Machine in our hospital. It gives comprehensive data of enlargement of heart, valve problems, congenital heart problems etc.