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G.E. Ultra Sound

    It is an ultra sound based diagnostic imaging technique used to visualize subcutaneous body structures including tendons, muscles, joints, vessels and internal organs. Obstetric sonography is commonly used during pregnancy and is widely recognized by the public.

    The hospital has a GE-3D Ultrasound Scan Machine which is capable of performing the following procedures:-

    1. Brain Ultra Sound for neonatal (new born)
    2. Neck Ultra Sound for thyroid and Doppler for carotid vessels.
    3. Breast Mammo Ultra Sound is an additional diagnostic procedure to ordinary mammography and FNAC findings.
    4. It performs Echo Cardiography and capable of performing functional studies of the heart.
    5. It is possible to perform Doppler studies of both upper and lower limbs in cases of DVT and aneurysm in the blood vessels.
    6. It does Endocavitary procedures such as in gaenacological cases.
    7. In addition, it is possible to carry out FNAC Ultra Sound guided procedures on this machine.
    8. Routinely all abdominal ultrasound procedures are done with good and fine results.