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C T Scan

    This is a Siemens dual-slice, Somatom Spirit C.T. Scanner. It is a third generation C.T. Scan. It is a whole body scanner capable of performing head (brain) scan, abdominal scans using both routine and protocol sequencies whole spine chest scans, head angio, carotid angio, thoracic angio and body angio routine.

    In traumatic cases it can perform body trauma protocols such as:-

    • Head trauma
    • Head trauma sequency
    • Neuro pct-Body pct                                                      
    • Body pct sequency
    • Test bolus

     Additionally it does the following:-

    • Bone Density: This test is very important for evaluating the condition of bones and is usually requisitioned by Orthopaedic Surgeons and Gynecologists. It can also determine whether a patient has Osteoporosis (weakening of bones).
    • Dental:  Are indispensable in modern cosmetic surgery. Dentists can now also get good images of various dental conditions thus making diagnosis a lot easier.
    • CT Biopsy.
    • Volume Evaluations.