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X-Ray C-R System

    We installed a Computerized Radiography System (CR system) in our radiology department which has enhanced departmental performance in terms of:-

    (i) Quality: images are digitally processed therefore quality is assured. The image quality can be adjusted to suit the condition and desires of a doctor.
    (ii) Radiation dose: Much exposure factors are used compared to conventional radiography thus less radiation is applied to the patient. Images are amplified and manipulated by the computer therefore x-ray repeats due to technical error is avoided.
    (iii) Time: The process takes a very short time to get through with the patient therefore reducing patient waiting time thus no long queue.
    (iv) Diagnosis: There is a possibility for doctors to compare images using digital formats on the CR System to make a conclusive diagnosis/evaluation. It is also possible to take measurement (sizes) of organs or lesions.
    (v) Costs: It is cost effective in the sense that no chemicals or darkroom process is required and with the possibility of multiple image printing on one film.
    (vi) Convenience: The possibility of printing soft copies of images is an added advantage and quite convenient to patients.

    Dark-Room developing and printing of X-Ray is slowly getting outdated and the CR systems have become very popular worldwide. This Computerized Radiography System (CR System) produces Digital X-Ray images on Dry Laser film. This machine is from Canestream Health (formerly Kodak Health Imaging). Already Doctors at the hospital have experienced the quality of  X-Ray images and are very satisfied. This is the first of its kind in Rift Valley and Western Kenya.