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    We have a modern fully equiped Theater run by highly qualified staff who handle Major and Minor theater services. The facilities are capable of carrying out simple to complex procedures. The procedures that are carried out in our major theaters include:

    • Endoscopy & Laproscopy Surgery
      This is now a well established department. Major surgeries can be performed through a small hole. This procedure reduces stay in hospital. It is popularly known as KEY HOLE SURGERY.
    • Neurosurgery
      The availability of this specialty is great news for Rift Valley and Western Kenya. We have a doctor at our Doctors’ Plaza who has already performed many complicated Neurosurgical operations.
    • Orthopaedic
      We do hip and knee replacement surgeries.
    • Thoracic Surgery
      Our doctors have done various Thoracic Surgeries such as Lobectomy, Ligation of P.D.A (Congenital Heart Condition) etc.