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    Eldoret hospital has a maternity wing with qualified gynaecologists and obstetricians who provide ante-natal services in the clinic. The maternity unit is also equipped with all the ante-natal equipment required to carry out any procedures.

    Ante-natal ward
    The ante-natal ward and clinic provides the patient with all the services required in preparation for newborns. All checkups are done and a profile made to ensure no complications occur during the gestation period.

    Delivery room
    The hospital has a fully equipped delivery room where sterility is of high priority therefore being in a position to conduct any type of delivery, whether spontaneous or assisted.

    The hospital has a fully equipped nursery with incubators for new born babies who require specialized care. The unit is manned by our paediatricians who are always available to offer professional services and guidance at all times.

    Post-natal Ward
    This caters for mothers who have already delivered and need to be well looked after to promote quick recovery. The hospital also has nutritionists who provide their services to the patients on the kind of meals they require depending on their condition.

    In this ward, the new mothers are also educated by our trained nurses on the importance of breast feeding, immunisation, care of code and other hygiene matters.