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Department of Rehabilitation Medicine

    Department Of Rehabilitation Medicine (PHYSIOTHERAPY)

    We have recently increased our physical therapy, behavioral health and neurodevelopmental (pediatrics) therapeutic capabilities at Eldoret Hospital. We have new digital therapeutic equipment with both diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities. Digital ultrasound, laser, interferential and tens are now readily available for both outpatient and inpatient services.

    We strive to provide quality functional recovery for patients under our program, with emphasis on value for expended health care resources and efficiency in delivering quality services above market expectations.

    We now have two therapy gyms. Our outpatient clinic provides physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and orthopedic support consultations for post-surgical patients. Our inpatient gym is equipped to speed up functional and physical recovery to enhance shorter hospital stays and quick results.

    Further, since February 2011, we now have a regular weekly pediatrics clinic for children with neurodevelopmental and behavioral related learning disabilities including autism, attention deficit disorders and delayed development.