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    The Eldoret Hospital pharmacy is a registered premises and runs under cap 244 of Pharmacy and Poisons Act. It’s managed by trained professionals and operates 24 hours with a qualified pharmacist always available. The pharmacy is dedicated to maintain safe medication practice and prevention of medication errors. It's aim is to improve patient compliance, rational drug use, educate patients on the dangers of misuse of drugs and maintain patients’ confidentiality.

    The services provided are:-

    1. Outpatient services - issuance of drugs prescribed and over the counter (OTC).
    2. In patient services - serves patients in the wards

    Clinical aspect include rational behind drug regimes, calculating correct dosages according to age, weight and body surface area, check for drug interactions, adverse reactions and contraindications according to a patient's need.

    The pharmacy is focused on providing high standard services on which its core principles aim at increasing patients’ satisfaction on rational drug use.